Writ of Garnishment Response Management

RAS Legal Group Nationwide Garnishment Response Management Highlights

Substantial Nationwide Management Experience and an Extensive Collections Litigation Footprint

RAS has experience successfully managing large banking institutions nationwide garnishment response portfolios in adherence to federal, state, and local requirements.

Dedicated Legal Compliance Department Maintaining Nationwide Requirement Matrix

RAS possesses a dedicated legal compliance department which maintains and monitors nationwide jurisdictional nuances related to filing requirements, timeline deadlines, exemptions, fund remittee detail, bank garnishment release requirements and statutory requirements. Rules have been built into the firm’s work flow.


SLA Adherence and Regulatory Compliance Assurance


Servicing includes:

  • Quality assurance review of financial institution client’s Federal Benefit Payments Analysis within regulatory SLA.
  • Determining the amount of funds subject to garnishment per applicable federal and state exemptions.
  • Filing an answer/response, remitting funds as applicable, and tracking pending garnishment actions to closure.


Exceptional Technology Used for Performance and Tracking


RAS’s internally developed web portal solution, Client Service Pro (CSP), was designed and built to provide its clients with a platform that brings together information from diverse vendors in a uniform way that provides streamlined efficiency by eliminating waste and tightening controls.

SP features include a real-time, dynamic workflow system with functionality including document merging, integration with client and vendor systems, and custom reporting.  Clients are able to view detail on all files in real-time including actions completed, documents relevant to the matter, and file history.

A fully customized Garnishment Response module and process flow is built into the case management system.