RAS Bankruptcy

RAS specializes in Bankruptcy management for real estate lenders, auto lenders, and consumer credit.  One of RAS’s keys to success is to recognize that Bankruptcy matters don’t always fall into the same bucket; each process must be managed with a unique approach.  RAS provides cradle-to-grave bankruptcy service to Clients on a 50 state basis.  When Servicer is advised of the Bankruptcy filing, RAS receives notice to review the case and determine the scope of representation necessary to protect Servicer’s interests.  Once reviewed, RAS engages in a dynamic process flow for those tasks to be performed, coordinates the necessary documents, and obtains other evidentiary support required to prepare its filings/motions.  RAS will handle and monitor the bankruptcy from referral to resolution.

The Processes handled by RAS include:
  • Requests for Notice
  • Proof of Claim
  • Motions for Relief and/or Adequate Protection
  • Plan Objections
  • Notice of Payment Change/Fee Notices
  • Mediation & Loss Mitigation
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions to Value
  • Defense of Claim
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Other Litigation Bankruptcy Motions

RAS utilizes unparalleled technology in managing its Bankruptcy processes.  Examples of this include:

Optimized Bankruptcy Monitoring
  • In addition to utilizing a case management system that promotes optimal file touches and automation, FirmWare has been designed to efficiently monitor and track bankruptcy cases throughout the life of the matter
  • In addition to BANKO and Pacer integration services employed, a live work queue is set up for RAS staff to review all ECF updates
  • A monitor tracking work queue assignment is set up as a back stop to review all matters pending discharge or close out regularly
Direct Integration and Portal Offering
  • Direct integration is set up with BANKO, Pacer, as well as various client systems.  Furthermore, the firm’s Development team has the capability of directly integrating with additional client systems as needed
  • RAS’s in-house Development team has created a client system/portal that can be utilized by clients to create live work queues and reports for their internal staff for servicer/client related steps.  Additionally, the portal can be utilized as a means for the firm to upload documents