Replevin and Impound Management

RAS has seasoned Management, Attorneys, and Staff dedicated to providing outstanding replevin and impound legal services. RAS Replevin Attorney Management has diverse and extensive experience at both multi-national financial services corporations and creditors’ rights law firms. Equipped with exceptional lawyering and proprietary technology, RAS has earned a strong reputation for its ingenuity in developing a unique and successful approach to handling individual client needs from pre-judgment order for possession with bond, final judgment for possession (releasing the bond), monetary judgment, and impounds.

In addition to its footprint states including California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, RAS has a nationwide network of managed local counsel subject to rigorous vendor management protocol.

RAS’s internally developed web portal solution, Client Service Pro (CSP), was designed and built to provide its clients with a platform that brings together information from diverse vendors in a uniform way that provides streamlined efficiency by eliminating waste and tightening controls.

CSP features include a real-time, dynamic workflow system with functionality including document merging, integration with client and vendor systems, and custom reporting.  Clients are able to view detail on all files in real-time including actions completed, documents relevant to the matter, and file history.

A fully customized Replevin management module and process flow is built into the case management system.